Novero Will Debut Madison, Stylish Video Eyewear at MWC

We are big fans of Novero and their stylish take on Bluetooth accessories and their latest introduction deserves a around of applause as well. At Mobile World Congress, Novero will debut Madison video eyewear. Madison is yet another stylish take on something typically blah looking. Madison allows you to be immersed in a full-sized viewing experience of your favorite entertainment wherever you are.

Madison comes with its own handheld media player, yet easily connects to other portable video players, such as mobile phones and iPods, to let you enjoy the video of your choice in any environment. Equipped with two OLED displays, Madison provides a viewing experience equal to watching a 30” display 6 feet in front of you. The intuitive menu is controlled with buttons on the media player and visual feedback is shown on an on-screen display. Madison comes with software for both Windows and MAC computers that provides a simple drag-and-drop interface to easily import video files and organize your favorite TV show episodes, movies and video clips. All videos are automatically converted to a format that is optimized for Madison’s screen size and resolution. With Madison, enjoying video on-the-go no longer means having to squint at a small screen, carry extra devices or deal with managing media formats.

The price will be around 249€ ($343 USD) and will be available in the second quarter of 2011.

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