Get All Access to the Oscars and Control 24 Cameras from Your Couch

The Oscars are going hi-tech this year from their Swag bags to behind the scenes access. Nominees collected gold dipped Motorola XOOM Tablets earlier in the week, and other celebs were gifted with electronic cigarettes with Swarovski crystals, and Virgin Galactic sub-orbital space craft scale model. Ridiculous we know…but it wouldn’t be Oscar worthy swag if it weren’t somewhat ludicrous. Viewers might not be receiving swag like that, but they will be granted access to backstage cameras that you control. You can also tweet with celebs or at the Academy. Don’t like who just won…tweet at them so they know you are pissed. If you want even more access to see whats going on there is always ‘All Access,’ a feature on Oscar.com where users can register ($4.99) for access above and beyond what will be available on television or on the rest of Oscar.com.  Users will have the ability to choose from and control multiple cameras placed throughout the Red Carpet, in the Kodak Theatre and at the Governors Ball (there are 24 cameras in total).   The feature is designed to enhance the experience of watching the Oscars on television and take it to a whole new level.  The All Access cameras aren’t live yet, but they sure will be soon.

However $4.99 won’t get you access to the Vanity Fair afterparty. You’ll still have to endure Billy Bush on Access Hollywood for that coverage.

Happy Oscars!!

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