Android App of the Week: Find Your Way With Route 66’s Navigation App

Tech for the road was a big focus at MWC this year, so this app from Route 66 come as no surprise.  Route 66 Maps + Navigation works with TomTom’s maps to provide some new twists on popular car apps that could prove useful for drivers holding Android phones this year. The maps aspect features full, 3-D maps that support multi-touch gestures for zoom, tilt and rotate. Traffic information is also provided, as well as location and landmark specific links to Wikipedia pages, nearby restaurants and attractions, and weather. Also included is Follow Me, an augmented reality feature that uses the phone’s camera to show a display of the road ahead, with a virtual car driving ahead of you to show dynamic GPS directions, so you have peace of mind knowing that the directions actually make sense (lest your companion car veer off into a building). Maps are free, but the turn-by-turn navigation offering will be subscription based, and available through an in-app store. Route 66 Maps + Navigation will be available soon at the Android Market.

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  1. This one saved me a lot of time of surfing and searching the web. I was looking for a gps app for 2 weeks.Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

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