Dual-Screen Sprint Echo is the Silliest Smartphone Ever

Don’t get us wrong, we love innovation, but occasionally a gadget comes along that just feels like a bad idea from the get go. Such is the case for yesterday’s announced Kyocera Echo from Sprint. Sure, the dual-screen smartphone looks pretty, it even looks futuristic and seems more like a concept device than an actual production model.

Until now there really hasn’t been a phone with a design quite like it, yet there have been quite a few laptops with similar dual-touchscreen form-factors over the past few years and they have yet to take off. So while the dual-screen design seems fun at first, in practice, the Kyocera Echo seems like it’s too heavy and unwieldy to use leisurely everyday . All in all, we give Sprint some kudos for having the chops to try something new, but we doubt that this is particular Android powered smartphone will be much of a success.

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