Need a Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Idea? How About a Superyacht?

Strand Craft 166 Superyacht

Strand  Craft 166 Superyacht

That’s right, a superyacht. When a mere yacht for your sweetheart just won’t do, the superyacht turns it up to a whole new level. So, if you’ve got a spare $50 million laying around just collecting dust, you can buy the love of your life the Strand Craft 166 superyacht, designed by the award-winning firm Gray Design. Why is this superyacht being featured in a tech blog? This superyacht is actually controlled by a publicly available custom made iPad app. I know I keep using the word superyacht. I just can’t believe there exists such a thing as a superyacht.

But, it’s called a superyacht for a reason. This thing is sleek, and looks ridiculously good on the water. It measures a staggering 166 feet long. Inside, you’ve got the basics. You know, just five staterooms, a retractable carbon-fiber front deck, a sports bar that seats eight, and a large jacuzzi. The craft has three engines that can propel it as fast as 40 knots, too.

So, where does the iPad come in? Basically, it controls almost everything on the craft. The app itself can be customized, with different options for colors and style, to match your lover’s tastes perfectly. The app controls the LED 3-D televisions, audio systems, mood lighting, retractable deck and climate. More importantly, you can check on your baby 24/7 with security systems and GPS. You can download the app without the craft, and get a look at this extravagant vessel that costs more than I will make in my lifetime. On the other hand, if you get the craft without having an iPad (an unlikely scenario), no worries! Three iPads are included in the superyacht.

If you want to be high roller and a big winner this Valentine’s Day, get your sweetheart the greatest and most tech savvy water craft ever conceived. It’ll certainly be a day to remember, and hey, if your better half ends up getting seasick, you can just dock and take the supercar for a spin. Oh, did I forget to mention that the superyacht comes with a 620 horsepower supercar inside? My bad. There’s that, too. Don’t worry, though, the app keeps track of the supercar’s engine and repair details, just in case. Truly, this is the pinnacle of Valentine’s Day 2011 gifts.


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