Tandars Interactive Pet – The Next Furby?

Furby is a thing of the past and it seems like Tandars’ new Interactive Pet monkey might just fill the void. This cute and cuddly wildlife pet has some very realistic movements and interacts with children and other Tandars with lifelike expressions. They have sensors that change their mood depending on how you play with them. When it gets hungry for more battery power it will say “ah jee baz nam nam”. The child can then pull the USB cap off of the end of its tail and plug it into a computer. There will be three models available, the Male, Female, and ‘Mohawk’.  It’s intended for children 6 and up. It features a rechargeable lithium battery, infrared sensor, speaker, and a small compact design.

There will be a bunch of clothing accessories available and also a charging egg which kids can use to charge their Tandar instead of plugging into a computer. The charging egg glows different colors depending on status and can also double as a night light.All of them have hairdos which can be customized and styled. They’ll be available in the spring for just $49.99 each. At a price that low, you really can’t blame them when they burp and fart.

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