Zazoo Kids Photo Frame Clock Allows Parents to Get Some Rest

The Zazoo Kids Digital Photo Frame Clock is designed to improve the lives of both children and parents by using visual images to teach children when they should stay in bed and when it’s time to start the day. At a user-configurable time, the Zazoo Kids Clock will shift from a nighttime theme to a daytime theme. The child will associate the moon theme to an ‘asleep’ hour and the sun theme to an ‘awake’ hour.  The clock comes with two pre-programmed images for ‘awake’ and ‘asleep’, but the users can upload their own awake and asleep images if the choose. The clock grows with your child, providing modern features like a rotating photo frame, calendar, mp3 player, and video player. Zazoo Kids also has a nap time setting. The clock features a 7″ LCD screen, a speaker, SD/ MMC/xD/MS card slot, headphone jack, USB port, and a remote control. It is currently available in 5 contemporary styles that appeal to both boys and girls. It retails for $89.00.

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