Aerial7 TANK LOLILAND Headphones Review

Aerial7’s TANK LOLILAND headphones are yet another fun and trendy looking pair of headphones, but with a feminine edge. Tank Loliland is a result of a collaboration between DJ Loli Lux and Aerial7. DJ Loli Lux just happens to be one of the hottest female DJ’s on the scene right now.  “AERIAL7 has great sound, durability and an already existing fun and fashionable design which was the best fit for me to add my influence”, said Lux. What came out of this collaboration is a funky pair of headphones infused with New York street style including silver metallic studs across the headband that read “LoliLand,” and a black lace print pattern over the earcups.

Aside from its appealing and sexy looks, the headphones also have swivel cups that are appropriate for DJs as well as a collapsible design for easy portability. The headband is padded as well as the earcups. However the padding on the earcups on Tank Loliland is a bit stiffer than on Aerial7’s Tank Mondrian headphones which we reviewed recently. Those headphones were actually a tad more comfortable around my ears with their squishy padding on the earcups.

Overall the construction of these headphones are excellent and far from flimsy. However like the Mondrian, the remote is still sadly inconsistent in the way that it can take two or three times to successfully activate its controls. Single press functions worked just fine, but there are many cases where you will want to skip songs or go back and replay others… and the remote is just too temperamental. Tank Loliland also comes bundled with a thick coiled cable, a mic extension cable with a mic button, a Skype adapter, a 3.5mm – 6.3mm (1/4″) adapter, and a silk drawstring pouch.

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Sound quality for the Tank Loliland headphones is on par with the Tank Mondrian headphones. They are not outstanding but not completely subpar either. For the price I certainly expected a bit more punch and rich body, but what you get is just basic performance when it comes to mids and bass. Again the sound reproduction would probably not impress audiophiles but for those who want to rock out with a gnarly pair of headphones and are used to the output of the apple earbuds, these will certainly impress.

Furthermore, Aerial7’s Tank Loliland headphones may seem like they would be for women only, but they could easily be rocked by hipster dudes because it’s not overly girly either. Overall, these headphones have it all in regards to good looks, solid construction, and the nice inclusion of switchable cables, adapters, and a matching carrying pouch. However I would have liked it if the sound quality was just a tad tighter and stronger in the bass department, and if the remote wasn’t so finicky when having to perform multiple button presses. That said, the targeted demographic who would be interested in these headphones will totally be impressed with them. Add to that the collaboration of a well known DJ and it only enhances the panache. The TANK LOLILAND headphones retails for $90 or $78.95 on Amazon

The Good: Solid construction. Impressive design is feminine but not too “girly”. Comes packaged with interchangeable cables and carrying case, iOS/BlackBerry/Android remote and mic.

The Bad: Sound quality could be better for the price. Padding on earcups are a bit stiff. Remote button is still temperamental when it comes to double and triple button press functions.

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