Android App of the Week: Your Get Out of Awkward Free Card – Fake Call Me

No one likes awkward situations, and, let’s face it, some of us have surely used this method to get out of them before. Now it’s just a little more official. You can use Fake Call Me to mock call yourself, except now, instead of pretending your phone is on silent, you’ll get an actual ring and a specific caller name and number, that you can program in ahead of time. If you’re really worried about authenticity, you can even record a voice message to play in the background when you answer the call. See someone you really don’t want to talk to on the street? Need to get away from someone who breathes through their mouth too much? This app goes a ways to make sure this tried and true method is airtight this time around. You can get it for free, but there’s a paid version (with, I imagine, less ads) for $0.99 on the Android Market.

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