Android Series 2 Vinyl Mascot Figures Go On Sale

The Android mascot is probably just as popular or more so than its OS that it represents. So it only seems logical to keep pumping out it’s likeness in the form of plush dolls and adorable miniature figures. Well if you have heard the rumblings around the web – March is an exciting month for the Android mascot as DYZPLASTIC will be unleashing Series 2 with Google’s blessing and collaboration. However instead of waiting to just buy one of each – why not buy a case? Toy Qube has a case of 16 ready to ship as of next week.  The 3″ vinyl figures feature artwork from artists such as Andrew Bell, Gary Ham, Doktor A, and even some Google folks who work on the Android team.  You’ll be getting a blind box, so you won’t know exactly what’s in there until you open it. But you are guaranteed atleast 12 different designs out of the 16 figures in the case. If you love that little green guy lots – be prepared to fork over $113.99. Cuteness doesn’t come cheap these days.

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    Ok, singles are needed, and do the droids open up? It would be a cool earphone container or change holder.