Android App of the Week: Get iHound on the Scent of Your Lost Phone

Losing a smartphone is never fun, given how much they represent these days. iHound is a subscription-based app service that keeps track of your phone’s location, and sends you emails about your phone’s location, if you lose it. Those emails can be shared from within the app, too, so you can use it like foursquare, or receive emails from your kid’s phone to make sure they’ve reached school, or some other promised destination. If you are using it for a lost phone, the Android version exclusively gives you the ability to remotely wipe your phone’s data, using iHound’s website. The service also comes with a sticker for your phone, making it easier for someone who finds it to return the phone to you, using a unique tracking number and iHound’s website. For Android phones, the app and service and free for the first week, then is available for a yearly subscription fee of $3.99.

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