Exclusive Sneak Peek! Official Angry Birds iPad 2 Cases are Ready to Get’em Pigs!

Gear4 is no stranger in showing their affection for Angry Birds, they were one of the first companies to release official Angry Birds iPhone 4 and iPod Touch cases. This time they are doing it again, with being one of the first companies to release official iPad 2 Angry Birds Cases!  There will be three cases in all: Red Bird, Family Shot and Pig King vs. Red Bird. These polycarbonate cases allow fans to demonstrate allegiance to their chosen camp, while keeping their iPad 2 protected. The cases will retail for £39.99  ($65 USD) and MobileFun currently has the Red Bird iPad 2 case available for pre-order. Here’s to hoping that they allow international shipping. Now if just having an iPad 2 won’t get you enough attention, these cases will make you the Pig King!


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