Celebrity Apprentice Tackles the ACN IRIS V Video Phone

When technology meets a reality show, you never know what is going to happen next and that was the case with this week’s Celebrity Apprentice. Once again it was a battle of wits between the men and woman celeb teams’ Backbone and A.S.A.P. But what was the task this week? The teams had to come up with an ’emotional’ commercial for ACN’s new  IRIS V Video Phone. The phone will obviously let you see the people you are talking to, plus it works as a digital picture frame, features 3-way video conferencing, and offers traditional calling features too.

So how did the teams do? Well both actually did very well, in between a little drama from Dionne Warwick and Gary Busey. The ladies tugged at the heart-strings with their commercial, whereas the guys went a little more outside the box. In the end, the guys won and Dionne went home, but not without some verbal bitch-slapping at Nene.  But, oh, you gotta love it…

Check out some other celebs who got their tech on this week.

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[Image Source: TMZ, People, US Magazine]