10 Reasons Why AT&T Buying T-Mobile is Both Really Good & Bad

Sundays are traditionally slow news days when it comes to tech announcements, which is why everyone was shocked to hear that AT&T has agreed to purchase T-Mobile USA for $39 billion this weekend. At the moment, AT&T needs to get the purchase approved, so the whole thing isn’t quite final yet, but in the meanwhile we cant help but speculate on both the good and bad that could come out of such a monumental merger in the mobile industry.

  1. If AT&T is allowed to purchase T-Mobile, the resulting entity will be more or less of a monopoly because there will then only be a single GSM mobile carrier in the U.S.A. History has taught us that monopolies are never good news for consumers.
  2. When it comes to 3G, T-Mobile and AT&T’s 3G networks operate on different bands. In the long-term this is good news if there are eventual handsets released that can operate on both of these bands. But for the short term, this can be a potential mess to sort out.
  3. T-Mobile’s customer service is quite frankly, a whole lot better than AT&T’s customer service. So there is a good chance that those friendly T-Mobile reps might go the way of the wind, if AT&T gobbles up T-Mobile.
  4. T-Mobile offers more affordable rate plans than AT&T. There is a good chance that AT&T will wipe those plans out.
  5. The T-Mobile girl will likely go the way of Catherine Zeta Jones and Jamie Lee Curtis.

And here are a couple of ways that AT&T swallowing up T-Mobile could work out for the better:

  1. According to a recent statement made by T-Mobile, T-Mobile customers will not be getting the iPhone anytime soon. However, this gives us hope, that maybe, just maybe, T-Mobile customers will eventually get an iPhone. Even if it ends up being iPhone 6.
  2. T-Mobile’s 4G network is super fast and has a very good infrastructure supporting it. On the other hand, AT&T’s overcrowded 4G network can desperately use some help. And if AT&T can utilize T-Mobile’s 4G network, that should improve service for AT&T customers.
  3. Between AT&T and T-Mobile’s mobile device catalog you’d have a killer selection of smartphones ranging from everything from the iPhone to the upcoming Sidekick 4G and a plethora of great Android phones and tablets. It’s almost too many choices to handle!
  4. This could potentially lead to stronger coverage areas and hopefully, less dropped calls!
  5. AT&T stock holders will have the best year ever.

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