BlackBerry App of the Week: Call in BlackBerry Protect for Back-Up

Stop for a minute, and think about what would happen if you lost your phone. Granted, many of us have already been there, so we know what a pain it is. Lost contacts, canceled phone numbers, fear of private information getting out; it’s not a fun experience. BlackBerry Protect doesn’t make it a fun experience either, but at least it makes the whole mess a lot less headache-inducing. You can back up all the data on your BlackBerry, which is made accessible on the app’s partner website. In the event that you do lose your BlackBerry, you can use that website to find the exact location of your phone on a map, or get it to ring if it is still somewhere nearby. If finding the phone seems to be a lost cause, you can remotely wipe all of its contents without worrying about losing all of your data; the app can be set to back up data on a recurring basis. This useful little safety net is available now for free from BlackBerry App World.

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