How Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Video Pays Homage to She-Ra

It’s no secret that we’re big Lady Gaga fans, after all the woman embodies music, fashion and technology – altogether. That said, her latest music video Born This Way is really trippy. As a matter of fact, it’s so trippy that the more we watched it the more things started to jog our memory. Then it hit us, could Gaga be paying homage to another one of our favorite geek goddesses of all time – She-Ra: Princess of Power!?
After all, Gaga (or Mother Monster in the video) explains that the scene is taking place on a government owned alien territory in space. And that “a birth of magnificent proportions took place”. That sounds awfully similar to the backdrop for the story of She-Ra. She-Ra’s own story starts off with her and her brother He-Man being separated at birth, so that she ends up being raised by the Evil Horde that rules the planet Etheria.

Let’s take a look at some of the other similarities…

Hey, isn’t that Hordak, or maybe Skeletor?

Ok, maybe it’s just Kryptonite surrounding Mother Monster, but you cant deny the stylistic similarities in the scene below on the right, to the one with She-Ra on the left.

She-Ra, or rather her alter ego Captain Adora tends to wear pointy shoulder pads, and so do many of her colleagues. In the video, Gaga and friends have pointy shoulders – which are all that much creepier than even pointy shoulder pads.

She-Ra is famous for riding off on her horse Spirit which resembles a unicorn. And there is Gaga riding off on a unicorn at the end of the video too.


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  1. Amazing.. can I just add I love that you’re enough of a She-Ra fan to get all the references, she was my dream woman/ role model as a child.. and kinda still is. I want a Spirit of my own…

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