Commodore 64 Prototype Images Emerge

While it has certainly taken long enough, it looks like the new and improved Commodore 64 is actually taking shape and isn’t just vaporware after all. The folks behind the rebirth of the iconic computer have released some prototype photos that should wet any Commodore 64 lover’s appetite. The images ring true to the rendered images we showed off a few months ago. I’m just excited that this updated version of the Commodore 64 is really taking shape and didn’t turn out to be just a dream in Autocad. However, being that the photos are of a prototype, it is a very good possibility that the look and color could change in the final production. So wait and see, we shall.


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  1. OMG, so some blurry-cam shots of a rapidly prototyped (3D printed) case makes this non vapour wear now? Anyone could build a prototype like this for a couple of thousand £$ and a weekend or two. Now bringing a good product to market is going to cost millions. These guys are never going to do it! Look the photo’s taken n their kitchen!

  2. …and another thing. Why, when they’re building an almost 1:1 copy of the original case are they putting in such an underpowered Jetway motherboard? I know it’s passively cooled, but the C64 was famed for being state of the art with amazing power for the time. And this….


    Nice tech, but ANYONE can build a PC around one of these, so what’s going to be special about the new C64? Nothing!

    This is not a “new and improved c64” it’s a peeny little intel atom powered PC thrust into a case three times larger than it needs just so people will buy it because it looks like an old C64.

    Now I like mini-itx systems, and the original Commodore machines deservedly have their place in the hall of fame. But this bastard concoction from someone who’s just bought the name! Put it to rest, please.

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