Deadmau5 USB Drive Features Exclusive 4×4=12 Album Content

Deadmau5 certainly isn’t the first music artist to bundle exclusive content on a USB key, heck, Matchbox Twenty has a history of bundling their content from concerts on USB wristbands. Still, this Deadmau5 USB key is especially adorable since it looks like the deceased rodent himself. The USB drive, or rather u5B drive, features their album 4×4=12, some bonus remixes, remix stems, wallpaper, and a secret live-streamed message, all for $22.99 at Hot Topic. Also, those of you living in the U.K. can also pick up a 4GB Deadmau5 USB key in a choice of red, black and red, white, chrome, or black and green for £18.00. However, we cant tell if these models also come preloaded with exclusive content or not. Either way, any of these accessories would go great with a matching Deadmau5 Portable Speaker.

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