DODOcase Debuts iPad 2 Cases That Resemble Traditional Books

As you wait on line this Friday waiting to receive the iPad 2, what will be going through your mind? Besides thinking of running home to play with it… I know what I will be thinking of – CASES! The endless supply of cases I’ll be getting for my newborn tablet and the DODOcase is tops on my list. They have just rolled out an iPad 2 version of their original DODOcase, plus they have come out with a special limited edition version.  The exterior of both of the cases are made of Moroccan cloth and are designed to look like a traditional binded book, you remember those don’t you? Both versions of the case are also similar in function and provide a fold back design, elastic strap, and bamboo core. One of the main differences of the two however, is that the launch date is stitched on the side of the limited edition case.  The DODOcase Limited Edition for the iPad 2 will retail for $89.95 and the original will retail for $59.95.

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