EA Sports Active 2 for Wii Review

As I write this review my muscles ach intensely, simple task such as preparing my morning bowl of cereal have become much harder and require more focus then usual. This isn’t because I was beat up or because I did intense lifting at the gym. It’s because I decided to play EA Sports Active 2 for the Wii. EA Sports Active 2 is the sequel to the last EA workout game for the Nintendo Wii, which has also been released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The game utilizes new motions sensor technology to help give you one of the most intense at home workouts you will ever get from a game system.  Best of all the game features heart rate monitoring devices that record all of your progress including calories burned, work out times, and average heart rates. Once you’re done you can upload your data online and help keep track of your progress as you move closer and closer towards your fitness goals.

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You start off with a brief calibration test making sure that the system accurately monitors your movements and records your results, then the player engages in a few surveys about their lifestyle and habits. From there players can move forward with pre-planed work outs, multi week workouts, design their own quick work outs, or even constructs their own work out plans. The in-game exercises are designed to engage areas of the body that you may no even know are there. Using activities such as basketball, soccer, skateboarding, biking, and even running, to help give you a great calorie burning experience.

Even though it’s a video game, EA Sports Active 2 is actually a decent alternative to going to the gym. The in game trainers actually do motivate you and push you through the intense parts of the workouts and the in game resistance band is a great addition and used in many workouts. As long as you follow the instructions and work at the pace that they give you, you will find the workouts effective and fat burning. For those of you who invested in previous Wii workout programs such as the Wii Fit fear not, You can even use the Wii balance board with Sports Active and not feel like you wasted your money.

Despite the fact that this may be the best video game workout I’ve ever gotten in my life, there are still some problems with the game. The motion sensor technology, while effective, are sometimes non responsive and can fail to track your progress especially during intense motion. Like wise if you move faster than the games pace it will not register your motions. The Wii version has a small handicap which is that you cannot use your own weights because you need to keep the Wii mote in hand during most of the exercises.

Despite these minor set backs Sports Active 2 for the Wii is a game that makes exercising more fun. It’s effective and affordable and can be done at home with only a few feet of space. If you choose to upload your progress online the game can even lead to a healthy lifestyle change and most of all help you loose weight and build muscle. EA Sports Active 2 can be purchased for $38.99 on Amazon.com.

The Good: Will give you the best possible workout experience for a video game without having to endure locker-room envy.  Might be one of the best games physical wellness games launched on the Wii.

The Bad: The motion sensor technology is temperamental at times.

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  1. you can use your own weights just pick weights instead of resistence bands in the options and choose which size weights you own simples.