iPhone App of the Week: Play a Game of Super Social Network Bros. with EightBit.Me.

The old-school gamer in all of us won’t be able to turn this one down. EighBit.Me is a social network with a vintage twist: you create your own personalized 8-bit version of you, upload it, and start stomping Goombas and Koopa Troopas (or, more likely, start going to coffee shops and restaurants). The app helped to promote this year’s SXSW, and with promotion comes free stuff. The more places you check into, the more chances you have to find an Eightbit.me hard drive. If you win one of the five drives available, you’ll find out directly through Twitter. This isn’t a traditional iPhone app, though. You create your 8-bit you online, through your Twitter account, and check in to various places using the eightbit.me website through Safari on your phone. You can get retro and win free stuff, all for, well, free!

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