Element Case Releases Lux iPad 2 Joule Stand in 6 Colors

Element Case is at it again and being one of the first to launch a delicious aluminum accessory for the iPad 2 – the Joule iPad stand for the iPad 2. The best part is, it will work with the original iPad as well. The new Joule doesn’t just have a metal chrome finish anymore but features a full line of 6 “Chroma” colors with satin finishes that are lined with plush Ultra-suede on the inside of the stand. The new iPad 2 Joule comes in red, orange, pink, blue, silver, black, and retails for $149.99. Now that may seem pricey for an iPad 2 stand, but atleast it will color coordinate with its surroundings.





Update 06/15/11: Element Case seems to have shut down altogether and it looks like they are out of business 🙁

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