Philips iPad 2 Sleeve Case and Slim Folder Case Review

Philips is among the first companies to begin producing iPad 2 cases. They recently sent us over two cases to review, the Sleeve Case and the Slim Folder Case. Both cases are made of durable black woven textile exterior, a middle layer made of preformed EVA foam with air cells to add cushion, and a bright green, lint-free, microfiber interior. The cases both snugly house a naked iPad 2 and lock it in for safe and stylish transportation.

The Philips Sleeve Case is essentially a fitted pocket for iPad 2. iPad will slide into the case any which way, but there is a flat side and a curved side of the case, so for optimal protection iPad’s screen should face the flat side of the case. There is a dual-function Velcro strap that secures iPad inside the sleeve. Philips ingeniously designed the strap so when it is pulled, it lifts iPad part way out of the sleeve. This is how Philips is able to get away with such a snug fit for iPad. The strap uses the new-age Velcro where the hairy side is much less hairy and the prickly side is almost non-existent. The sleeve case leaves one side of iPad almost fully exposed, and the end of the case lines up exactly with this side of iPad. This means at the wrong angle, the iPad 2’s corner could take the full force of a drop.

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The Philips Slim Folder Case has one extra layer of protection and barely leaves any of the iPad exposed. There is a magnetic flap the flips up allowing you to insert iPad into the case in landscape orientation. The flap usually even springs closed on it’s own. The Slim Folder Case is also a tight fit, but when the folder is open there’s enough room to easily grab iPad and slide it out. The case will fit iPad 1, but it offsets the magnets, so the folder case won’t stay closed.

Both cases are durable feel and provide iPad with a lot of on-the-go protection. They’re also both very thin and show off iPad’s sexy sleekness. Philips Sleeve Case is sleeker, but the Slim Folder Case offers more protection. Both of the cases just store iPad 2, but they won’t prop it up or anything. Their interiors are very soft and will even lightly clean iPad’s screen. Meanwhile, the exteriors have a very tough and grainy, but durable, feel. The only available color scheme is black and bright green. Pricing is TBD.

The Good: Thin, Protective, Durable, Lock iPad 2 in, Easy insertion and removal
The Bad: Can’t Charge iPad inside of Cases, Sleeve Case leaves one side exposed and vulnerable, only houses iPad–no stand or in-use protection

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