Menotek Debuts Snazzy iPad 2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case

It had to happen. The bluetooth keyboard cases have arrived for the iPad 2. This one is on behalf of Menotek, and is not only iPad 2 compatible but also pretty snazzy looking. That is because, when it’s closed, it resembles a leather bound netbook.  The back of the case even has a metal stand to keep the iPad pivoted during typing. The keyboard is waterproof and can even be separated from the case, so it can also be used with an iPhone 4. The Menotek ipad 2 Bluetooth Keyboard plus Snap on Case will retail for $79.99 and debuts April 15th on Amazon. Zagg will also be debuting their updated version of the Zaggmate soon, so let the influx of iPad 2 keyboard cases begin.

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