Mivizu Endulge iPad Skin Case and iPhone 4 Cases Review

Grip is good. Especially with expensive things like iPads, iPhones, and the like. It is especially important for those of us that have butter fingers, children, or just plain terrible hand eye coordination (if only I took ballet as a child). Mivizu has allowed us to test a few of their new products that can assist you in selecting a case or skin for your device. When I look for cases, I divide them into three categories: Grip-tastic, which is so grippy that I will have to fight to get it out of my skinny jeans pocket; Medium Grip, it gets the job done, without causing any mini electrical storms; and finally, Slick, handsome as Han Solo, and as slick as him too. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the Mivizu line up.

First, iPhone 4 Alien Hard cases. The premium polycarbonate shell clips together in two parts. It will provide a light cushion in case of a fall. It’s real highlight is in its aesthetic appeal. The multi-toned, soft curves make for eye candy and invited several “oohs” and “ahs.” Space is left open for the shiny Apple logo to gleam forth. It is comfortable in the hand and falls somewhere between medium grip, and slick on my grip-o-meter. I prefer a tad bit more of a grip. I like to set my phone on a table and not have it slide around when I touch it. For $24, it is a good deal. It comes in the above pictured pink on pink, or blue on black, red on black, and black on black.

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Next is the iPhone 4 pink silicone Endulge case. It is exactly what it says it is. Silicone, in all it textural glory is perfect for my iPhone case. And the pretty pink doesn’t hurt either. It comes in quite a few other colors: black, blue, clear, green, blue, purple, and red. For $14 it is a steal. The skin just slips real gently over the iPhone, like a perfect fitting dress, it doesn’t ride up, just stays put. This soft overlay is great for those of us with screen protectors, in that it gently lays on top of them, not agitating or causing peeling. If you do happen to keep your phone in a tight jean pocket, it is a little hard to pull out in tact. Not a problem for me, but I have seen some complain. Personally, I’m going to be utilizing this skin for quite awhile.

Finally, is the iPad pink silicone Endulge case. Unfortunately, this concept did not translate as well to the iPad as well as it did on the iPhone. The quality of the silicone felt grainy, and flimsy. The headphone ports are even covered over by silicone like someone forgot to punch them out. It slipped on very easily to the iPad, but unfortunately slipped off just as easily. The hot pink color was nice though. It also comes in red, green, black, clear, blue purple, and yellow. For $19 it is on the low end of pricing, and quality as well.

The Good: Endulge silicone iPhone case had excellent grip, the Alien had fantastic design.
The Bad: iPad Endulge silicone case was grainy, ill fitting, and covered up a port entry.

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