MoGo Sound Turns Up the Volume on Your Mobile Devices

Today, at the CTIA trade show, ID8 Mobile announced the release of what they are calling the most portable Bluetooth speaker on the market in the MoGo Sound. We have every reason to think they’re telling the truth, though. The MoGo Sound is a tad under 8 inches long, about an inch wide, and just 14 millimeters thick. It’s compatible with all major tablet and smartphone operating systems, and is a breeze to use, charging via a small USB port and connecting to your device through a simple Bluetooth connection. It doesn’t skimp on sound quality, either, offering A2DP audio streaming. With an eight hour battery life, the MoGo Sounds seems pretty ideal for a set of speakers on the go, and a much needed solution to bulky speakers that you can’t really carry around, no matter how badly you might want to.