Samsung Galaxy Player 5 Hands-on Photos

This morning in New York City, Samsung showed off their new Galaxy Player 5. The Galaxy 5 is a big brother to the Galaxy 4 player. If you’re not familiar with these new big little guys the Galaxy Player 4 and 5 take all of the features of the popular Galaxy S series smartphone and drops out the 3G and ability to make phone calls, so that they’re more of an iPod Touch competitor. The Galaxy Player 5 in particular is really unique since there are only a handful of devices like this out there with a 5″ display. Is it a tablet, or is it an PMP? And will anyone want one? Those are difficult questions.

Today, we played around the Galaxy Player 5 and were impressed with its great display and like the Galaxy S series of smartphones, it’s made well. It also looks thinner and more attractive than the Tab which is starting to age and appear a bit too bulky and thick in contrast to the competition. Between these two, the popular 7″ Tab, and the Samsung Tab 10.1 that was announced at MWC, Samsung has your Android needs covered for just about every form-factor – to the point of it becoming almost overwhelming. But we do like having choices. Either way, both devices are running Android 2.2 (Froyo) and will be upgradeable to Gingerbread 2.3. They both also have support for Flash 10.1, feature GPS, a front VGA camera, along with a 3.2MP back-facing camera, Wi-Fi , and a microSD slot. Pricing is TBD.

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