SimpleHuman Handsfree Sensor Soap Pump Review

Public Bathrooms have been going hands-free for years now, for better and for worse. Hands-free essentially means germ-free, but it also means you may have to wave your hand like a lunatic just to get a suitable amount of paper towel. SimpleHuman, a company which offers “tools for efficient living”, has a wireless soap sensor pump for the home or office which features the convenience and cleanliness of bathroom automation without the frustration factor.

SimpleHuman’s Sensor Pump is a well designed dispenser for soap, sanitizers, lotions, and more. It’s touch-free and the amount of liquid that is dispensed can be set with the volume buttons (volume as in amount of liquid, not audio). The sensor pump is an attractive looking unit, crafted in a brushed nickel finish. It has a clear 14 fl oz chamber for storing the liquid. It’s completely wireless, and requires four AA batteries. There’s an LED indicator on the top which will turns red when battery is low and green when the sensor is activated. When the green LED shuts off, the sensor becomes active, and the pump is ready to dispense.

The setup is simple, though it does require a phillips-head screwdriver to remove the battery cover. After popping in 4 AA batteries, fill the reservoir with soap, lotion, or sanitizer. Most any type of liquid that doesn’t have exfoliants, this can clog the flow. There’s a cover on the top of the unit that lifts off to reveal a wide opening. Liquid is poured in, and the setup is complete. Use the plus and minus buttons on the top to adjust the amount of soap, lotion, or sanitizer dispensed.

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The Sensor Pump works very well. I was surprised that it was able to handle a thick hand soap, I expected I would have to water it down. The best part is that the amount of liquid dispensed is adjustable, I prefer the minimum, which is a pea-sized amount. The sensor is extremely responsive and dispenses soap almost immediately after my hand is placed under the dispenser. It is convenient to see how much liquid is left in the chamber, this is not a common feature for elegant automatic soap dispensers.

SimpleHuman’s Sensor Pump is a classy, convenient, and sanitary addition to any bathroom, or sink. It only takes up a little more room then any other soap dispenser, and it helps that it’s wireless. Unfortunately, there is no option to go wired, and AA batteries are not included. Also, there is also no soap included. It’s ability to handle thicker soaps and options adds a lot of value to the sensor pump. It could also be a handy as a moisturizer dispenser for the nightstand, or a sunblock dispenser for the front door. The Sensor Pump is available for $33.62 at Amazon.

The Good: Eliminates Cross Contamination, Compatible with Soaps, Lotions, and Sanitzers, Very Responsive, Clean Look

The Bad: No Foam, No Wired Option, Batteries are not included


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  1. Design over function, surely?

    If you’re concerned about dirtying your hands just before you wash them you’ve greater problems than the one this product is trying to solve.

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