Simplehuman Sensor Can Review

When you think of garbage cans, their purpose is to hold smelly reminders of your meals from days past, along with the assorted torn up bills and other nasty items you clean up during the week. Sure they come in all different shapes and sizes, some garbage cans even have a pretty pattern on the outside to disguise their real purpose. However the Simplehuman line of trash cans are far from ordinary and one in particular can stands out amongst them, the Simplehuman Sensor Can. With this garbage can, the simple chore of  throwing away trash will never be the same.

That is because the Simple Human Sensor can features a multi-sense sensor that responds to your needs. Just throwing away something quickly? Wave your hand over the sensor and the lid will open and then quickly close. Have a larger task at hand, the lid will remain open till you walk away.The Sensor can is not only smart, but it’s extremely modern in design too. It features a fingerprint-proof stainless steel exterior, a carbon filter to eliminate odors that might emanate from the can, and a dent proof bucket inside the Sensor can, that easily lifts up and out to so you can discard the trash without strain on your back.

We tested the 40 liter version of the Sensor can which fit in quite nicely with our kitchen. It has a very sleek metal exterior that will hug any wall and fit in with most kitchen decors, be it modern or traditional. The back of the can has an on/off switch and a battery cover that houses 6 ‘C batteries’. Unfortunately Simplehuman doesn’t provide any batteries for the can or AC adapter (which there is an input for on the back of the can), so you’ll have to buy that separately. The interior of the can is spacious and will certainly fit a significant amount of garbage. However if you are looking for a bigger sensor can, Simplehuman does offer two additional sizes: a 55 liter and a 48 liter recycler that also features two separate bins inside of the stainless steel can.

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There is really no effort in setting up your new Sensor can, even though it is made out of stainless steel and houses a separate interior can, taking it out of the box is not difficult since Simplehuman goes to great lengths to make sure your new household friend is packaged nicely and safely. It also comes with several extra trash bags and two carbon filters for eliminating garbage odor.  Once you remove it from the box, pop in the batteries in the back, and switch it on, the Sensor can is ready to get to work. Don’t try and pry the lid open before you power this baby up, it doesn’t budge! The seal is so tight, that if you force it, you may damage the can. With the first wave of your hand, the sensor will trigger open the lid and then you can slide into place the carbon filter on the underside of the Sensor can lid.

I have had my run-in’s with temperamental sensors, you have to wave your hand incessantly or position yourself a certain way to make the sensor work. I’m sure many have experienced just that in fancier public bathrooms when trying to wash your hands, dry them, or flush a toilet. However that is not the case with the Sensor Can. The multi-sense sensor will react to the wave of your hand from 1″ to 6″ inches above the trigger zone. However you can’t just wave your hand aimlessly over the lid, you do have to wave it over the sensor in order to activate the lid to lift. If you are throwing away a quick item, wave your hand over the multi-sense sensor and the lid opens for 10 seconds and then closes. If you need to be in front of the can longer, the Sensor Can will realize that and the lid will stay put until you are done – as long as you are in front of it. If you walk away, the lid will start to close and you’ll have to wave your hand again over the trigger zone to open the lid again.

The Simplehuman Sensor Can will certainly be loved by those who appreciate techie housewares. The multi-sense sensor is also stable and the lid doesn’t open sporadically when you’re near by, only when you want it too. The tight seal of the lid and carbon filter really worked from preventing the putrid smell of several days old food from spreading all around my home. This is unlike the experience I had with my previous open trash can, that always seemed to tell me when I needed to dump the garbage, from the smell that hit me when I opened my front door. I’ve also had the trash cans with the foot pedal, which are often temperamental when operating the lid to go up and down.

However such wondrous technology isn’t without some drawbacks, the fact that batteries or an AC Adapter is not included is kind of a unfortunate for the price – and speaking about prices – the Simplehuman Sensor Cans retail from $225.00 to $275.00 respectively. Now that’s a pricey throne for your trash to sit in. However even with those minimal drawbacks, the Simplehuman Sensor Can will be a welcome addition to any home, especially those who hate touching the garbage can or smelling the odor that comes from it. The Simplehuman Sensor Can be found at Amazon, Simplehuman, Bed, Bath, and Beyond as well has other housewares stores.

The Good: Sleek design and intelligent multi-sense technology. Seals in smells and holds a decent amount of garbage. Works well and isn’t temperamental.

The Bad: No batteries or AC Adapter included. Pricey.

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