Sprint Cracks Down on Distracted Driving

Sprint has unveiled a surprisingly forceful, but nonetheless very effective service to help stop distracted driving, keeping drivers everywhere safe from that one guy who is texting while going 70 on the freeway. The aptly named Sprint Drive First service is slated to be ready for business during Q3 of this year, and will be based on a $2 per month subscription.

Drive First cuts to the chase, without a doubt. When driving is detected by the service, the phone screen locks. All calls are automatically redirected to voicemail, text message alerts are blocked (with an auto-response indicating that the driver is unavailable), and parents and business administrators are given access to the service via the Internet, allowing them to configure devices remotely. Room is left for a little bit of flexibility, though; three emergency contacts and three mobile applications (like GPS navigation) will be left available.

With a subscription-based service, I wouldn’t expect too many people to police themselves with it, but it looks to be a no-nonsense dream come true for parents worried about their kids and employers worried about lawsuits (and their employees, of course). Check out Sprint Drive First when it hits the Android Market sometime this Fall.

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