T-Mobile Considering Rate Plans for Different Data Speeds?

Is T-Mobile planning on charging different rates for different data speed options? It certainly seems like the carrier is at-least considering it. A reliable source has told us that as a T-Mobile customer, they have been invited to partake in a private T-Mobile survey program that tests their data speeds over an 8 day period. They have been told that the feedback that is provided could ultimately decide whether or not T-Mobile decides to offer customers the option to choose a rate plan with slower data access speeds for at a lower cost.

However, T-Mobile does say, that theoretically, if they do decide to go ahead and charge for data access according to data speeds, customers could instantly upgrade to a higher access speed whenever they want, for the standard high speed data fee. Our source also says that in order to partake in this test run, they have willingly subjected themselves to having  their data access speed reduced to a level that is slower than usual. Currently they are using a 4G T-Mobile phone and are experiencing fluctuating data speeds reminiscent of EDGE.

Whether or not this new pricing plan comes to fruition remains to be seen, but quite honestly in this day in age I can’t imagine people wanting to pay less for slower data access – unless it truly is that much cheaper. Especially when the need for instant gratification is becoming ever more prevalent with the release of 4G phone after 4G phone.