Target Offers Trade-In Service Towards Nintendo 3DS & iPad 2

You would be silly not to try listing your old first generation iPad on Craigslist or eBay first, where you’d likely get more value for it. But if you’re content with getting some fast and easy cash value towards your new iPad 2 purchase, then Target is offering up the following values (listed below) for trade-ins towards a purchase of the iPad 2. Those of you looking to trade-in their Nintendo DS, in time for the 3DS launch, can also expect to receive up-to $50 for a trade-in.

Today’s up-to values for iPads:

iPad WiFi 16GB                  230.00
iPad WiFi 32GB                  275.00
iPad WiFi 64GB                  311.00
iPad WiFi + 3G 16GB        275.00
iPad WiFi + 3G 32GB        320.00
iPad WiFi + 3G 64GB        375.00

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