iPad App of the Week: TODAY Show App Launches in Time for iPad 2 Debut

The much-loved morning show now has an all-new app designed specifically for iPads. The TODAY App was launched this past week and has a full video of all segments from the Today Show, as well as video transcripts, slideshows and print stories. The videos are perfect for the high-resolution display of the iPad, and look smooth and clear. Night owls can finally find out why the Today Show is so popular in the first place, while fans of the show can get their Matt Lauer fix anytime, anywhere. The show has a wide range of content, so if you never have had the chance to watch it before, give it a shot now; there’s bound to be something that will attract your attention. There’s no reason not to try it; the app is free, and available now from the iTunes App Store.


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  1. Thanks for the post.

    This video was shot soley on ipad 2s. They shot this film in 20 hours. the quality of the low light levels are pretty sick.

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