Crash Matos Officially Debuts the Tumi Tag Luggage and iPhone 4 Case

Tumi is spraying some graffiti onto its line-up of typically black luggage. Their latest collaboration with urban artist “Crash” has led to the debut of the Crash Matos Limited Edition Travel cases. It might seem like an odd match between a typically corporate style case manufacturer and a graffiti-inspired artist, but quite honestly it’s a beautiful union that has produced some stunning looking limited edition cases. We are no strangers to this line-up of luggage since we reported on it previously.

This past week actually got to touch and look at the luggage in person as well as get a hands on with a snazzy Crash Matos Limited Edition iPhone 4 case. Unlike typical events, the coming out party for the Tumi Tag Limited Edition luggage had virtual graffiti art being drawn on the walls, specialty tequila drinks being poured, and artwork being auctioned off to benefit the AIDS Community Research Initiative of America (ACRIA). There was also video projected onto brick walls. The entire experience immersed you into Crash Matos’s world but never strayed from the star of the hour, the limited edition luggage which consists of four packing cases: a 20” international carry-on, a two wheeled 20” international carry-on, a 25” medium trip packing case and a 29” extended trip packing case. There will only be 1,000 pieces of each style made along with the iPhone 4 case. Now the real question is, will this luggage be too beautiful that you’ll sweat when having to check it into baggage?

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