Warpsol Ultra Skin Protects Your iPad 2

Wrapsol, best known for wrapping your gadgets in its indestructible film has just introduced a redesigned application process for the Wrapsol ultra and Wrapsol clean screen protectors for the iPhone 4, iPad and iPad 2. If you were skeptical about this form of protection versus the traditional case, the Wrapsol application has gotten a makeover making it faster than ever to apply to the front, back and sides of your device by using a completely dry application method. The new installation process uses detachable application handles that allow for exact alignment of the protective film with the edges and contours of the device without having to touch either. The new and improved Wrapsol ultra and clean screen protectors for the Apple iPad and iPad 2 will retail for $24.95 – $29.95 respectively.  For the iPhone 4 it’s available for ultra front, back and sides plus it comes with a clean screen protector and will retail for $29.95. So go ahead and scratch your gadget – we promise that they won’t feel it.

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