How To Celebrate World Backup Day 2011


Today is officially World Backup Day, which means two things. 1. We’re one day away from April Fool’s Day. 2. There really is a day for EVERYTHING. That said, there is a serious lesson to be learned from World Backup Day and that is that you should always have a backup system (or two) in place for your files! Of-course, we always recommend backing up your data to an external hard drive and then doing an extra backup of your most important files into the cloud.  To that effect, we highly recommend Dropbox and Sugarsync for seamless cloud storage backup that also syncs with your smartphone for easy file access on the go. Plus, new services like Crashplan offer unlimited data backup for all of your system’s files for just $49.99 a year. And speaking of other noteworthy backup services, we’ve recently become impressed with VaultPress. If you’re a blogger running WordPress, Vaultpress’s solution backs up all of your blog’s files and databases into not one – but two separate locations in the cloud. Don’t ever rely on your hosting provider alone for blog backups. This is why the piece of mind provided by VaultPress is priceless.

But what if you didn’t have a backup system in place and you lost some valuable files? Then you might want to check out Paraben’s new Data Recovery Stick. This USB key contains software that should help you recover deleted data from almost any kind of storage – JPGs, Word Docs, Powerpoint files, etc and that also includes the files that you emptied out of your recycled bin. Paraben says that the Data Recovery Stick uses the same technology used by law enforcement and digital investigators for years. It even features a neat Forensic Mode that makes sure that you wont leave a trace on the target hard drive. How CSI’ish! Now there really is no excuse for not having a back-up!