American Idol Top 7 Get Their Own MusicSkins for Your Gadgets

So it seems that American Idol has come back better than ever. I mean the controversy over Pia being voted off made headlines.  Jennifer Lopez seems to be enjoying a resurgence in her career. Soon enough people will be saying Paula and Simon who? Yes American Idol is back and its got some impressive talent this year. So why not show your love and support for one of the top seven that remains. MusicSkins is offering a collection of skins for all your devices. The Motorola Xoom, iPad 2, iPhone 4, HTC Inspire, etc…you name it and they will make sure they can stick a skin on it. Currently they have 8 skins of the top American Idol contestants, so be sure to pick the right one or you may have to return it, before you get it. Unless you happen to be a fan of Paul McDonald. Then it will be a collectors item!

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