Blank Label Review – Customize Your Man a Dress Shirt

Custom dress shirts aren’t just for the wealthy fat cats, oh no. BlankLabel.com has made the process affordable and quite enjoyable! Using the web app or iPad app you can design your own men’s dress shirt from scratch, starting with the fabric. You’ll be surprised to see just how fashionable this customized men’s button-down can really be!

You design it and Blank Label creates it, and with a decent turnaround time (rush delivery = 2 weeks). Blank Label breaks down the designing process into 10 steps: fabric, collar, cuff, pockets, shoulders, placket, labeling, monogram, buttons, and sizing. You can see your shirt being updated in real-time as you fiddle around with every option.  There are over 50 unique fabrics to choose from. The fabric sets the mood of the shirt, allowing you to go for anything from business professional to laid back and casual. Using the web browser you get a few extra fabrics to choose from as well as a fabric description like this one for Retro Disco: “Blue Black Plaid. Kick it back and add some style on this medium weight 90 GSM, two ply 70s thread count. 100% cotton.”

To go into every facet of customization would take a while, but there are a few additions that will really distinguish your Blank Label shirt from just your average shirt. For an added cost, you can select an alternate fabric for the inner collar, outer collar, inner cuff, outer cuff, inner sleeve and/or the placket that runs behind the buttons. You can also add the alternate fabric to the outside of a pocket, and/or a shoulder strip, if you choose to add those features to your shirt. The alternate fabric really gives the shirt an added flair.  We have all seen shirts with monograms, but how about shirts with a complete message inscribed on the inner collar or on the bottom of the shirt’s placket? What better way to let Dad know he’s “Number One”?

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The design process is fun, but I can’t promise it will be easy deciding on “the perfect shirt”–there are so many options! Aside from reaching perfection, the second most difficult aspect of shirt creation is sizing, especially if the shirt isn’t for you. If you have a tape measure and access to the recipients’ body, you can measure the collar, sleeve, chest width, midsection width, shirt length, and shoulder width. You also choose between slim fit and classic fit. Blank Label has a helpful tutorial on sizing. If you don’t have a tape measure or access to the body, don’t fret; I did without a tape measure and it worked out fine. You can size-up a lot of dimensions just by the height of the subject. It also helps if you can check the size of his other shirts. With those few bits of information, and Blank Labels sizing tutorial, you can estimate everything else and still end up with a shirt that fits well. I ordered a business casual shirt, my only regret is that I made it too long and can only wear it tucked in (I’m 6’2, a 33.50″ length is too long to wear untucked).

The shirt arrived neatly wrapped in craft paper, packed in a Blank Label bag, and sent in a DHL delivery bag. The Blank Label bag is cool-looking and definitely gift-ready. The shirt is perfectly folded and packed with a couple of pins holding it in place. After a quick steam or press, it’s ready to be worn (and loved).

I was extremely pleased with the quality of the shirt. The fabric I chose was true to its description: “Purple Gingham. Versatile for work and adding a lining, or for play and throwing on epaulets. Medium weight of 102 GSM, 70s thread count”. It’s comfortable, stylish, and well-made.

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After all of the customizing, my shirt with expedited shipping, cost just under $100. BUT, for a limited time Blank Label is also running a “design buffet” sale which offers customers a flat $70 for all the customization you want. There’s no doubt you can find button-downs for cheaper, but at $70 (+ $9 for 18-20 day shipping), you will, without a doubt, never find a shirt as fashionable, nifty, and unique as the Blank Label shirt you create. Shirts regularly start at $55, depending on the fabric, and can be designed at BlankLabel.com or with the Blank Label iPad app “Dress Shirt Designer”. Don’t forget Fathers Day is right around the corner! Lastly, in case you were wondering, yes there is a label, and yes it is blank.

The Good: Complete customization, Amazing gift, Fun to design, iPad app, Real-Time view of Shirt, Good packaging, Blank Label keeps you informed of process via email
The Bad: iPad app has less fabric options and less of a description, Flat $70 for any shirt is only limited time, measuring can be difficult to get perfect.

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