Chrysler 300s 2012 Model to Sport Dr. Dre Beats Audio Sound System

If you thought Dr. Dre’s involvement with just laptop speakers, headphones, and iPod docks were enough – think again! Last week Chrysler introduced the 2012 300s model which has been pimped-out for the hidden rapper inside us all. Gorgeous rims, red interior, the perfect ride to go cruisin’ in LA with. In addition, the sedan will feature a speaker system designed by Dre himself as part of his Beats By Dre collection. The 300s Standard Beats Audio Sound System will feature a 12 channel amplifier and 10 speakers, and what appears to be a integrated touch screen panel of some sort in the dash. This system should probably finish off your hearing or what’s left of it due to those little white buds. If anything, it will rattle your dunkin’ donuts coffee while on the road.

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