Customize Your Own Harley Davidson Motorcycle with the H-D1 Bike Builder

You thought you could only customize your gadgets and accessories online didn’t you? Well now Harley Davidson is letting you customize and colorize your very own hog, right from your home. The H-D1 Bike Builder allows you to build a Harley-Davidson motorcycle by adding parts, color, seats, wheels, etc… Once you finish building your dream bike, you can print it out and bring it to a participating Harley Davidson dealer and they will help you put the final touches on your masterpiece. There is a slew of options to choose from. Even if you will never ever ride a motorcycle, its fun to just make one. They have all sorts of colors to play with, even pink! We built our very own bike, with the signature Chip Chick colors and it would have cost us a mere $13,606.55 before tax to purchase it. Now, you think that would get us some attention, if we rolled up to one of the many press events we go too? I guess for now we will just have to stick to our cheap Chinese Vespa knock-off.

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  1. The bicycle had no number plate however, because the Direct Bikes folk are cheap & make you pay to register it themselves. That isnt their excuse though as they laughably say

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