Hands on with the Incase Andy Warhol Collection of iPhone 4 and iPad 2 Cases

It was only a day ago we wrote about the debut of the new Andy Warhol collection of iPod, iPhone 4, iPad 2, and MacBook collection of cases. Well tonight was the official launch party in NY  to celebrate this unique collaboration. Tonight’s event drew inspiration from Warhol’s melding of technology and pop culture as well as highlighted Andy Warhol’s original artwork, alongside these new fabulous accessories for your gadgets.

We got a hands on with the cases and they seem to exhibit the same high quality factor we have come to expect with all Incase cases and accessories. The iPhone 4 cases are made of a durable hardshell construction that snaps on to your device. The iPad 2 cases are a bit thick but also double as stand and look like a book jacket. Lastly the MacBook sleeves are outfitted with a weather resistant coating and are fully lined with a suede interior. All the pieces have a distinctive Incase polish, highlighted by Warhol’s artistic aesthetic. This is certainly an exciting collection of cases that Incase has debuted and just from a our brief time with them, they already look like they will probably be a big hit with art fans and hipsters alike.

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