InSound Debuts i2 Shirts for Men with Built-in Support for Headphones

InSound blends function-forward device connectivity with a modern visual aesthetic. Their goal is to create comfortable clothing that goes beyond fashion to interface with the personal devices that have become the essential components of everyday life. Their latest collection is the InSound i2 collection of shirts for men that feature HB3Technology, which allows the clothing to connect to an iPhone and iPod as well as other devices using a standard 1/4” headphone jack. InSound collaborated closely with the makers of the patent-pending HB3 Technology in creating ground breaking new innovations in function within form.Once connected, the signal travels through embedded components in the garment to headphones. InSound garments are machine washable and are perfect for  the hipster male in your life. No word yet on when they will officially launch but we did get to see a few of them in person and we will even be reviewing a hoodie with the same technology from InSound. So stay tuned for our thoughts.

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