iPhone App of the Week: Typing on the iPhone Gets Big with Keyboard 2

Keyboard 2 is a pretty simple app, and it shows why sometimes, simple can also mean the most useful. The Keyboard 2 app allows you to use a full screen, transparent keyboard, so you can see what you are typing behind the keys. You can make the keyboard as large or small as you want, and play around with background designs and the like. There is a row of hotkeys at the bottom of the app’s UI. These link directly to your address book, email, text messaging, and Facebook, for example. The text you’ve written is copied, and can be pasted into whatever field you’re using. Twitter functionality is not ready yet, but is promised to be coming soon. For numbers, there is a keypad option, as well. Keyboard 2 is available from the iTunes App Store now for $0.99.

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