iRok2 Online Music Game is Like Rock Band, But Free

Guitar Hero may be dead, but our love for music games hasn’t perished just yet. So for those of you looking for a fun and FREE alternative to Rock Band and Guitar Hero, iRok2 is a great choice. This free online music game even manages to one-up its predecessors by offering a massive catalogue of music. It manages to pull this off by piggy backing off of YouTube’s music video library. Essentially, iRok2 brings together the best of Guitar Hero, YouTube, Last.fm and Facebook in to a free online based game.

iRok2 is also the first rhythm music game to offer tracks for an unlimited number of songs, synchronize gameplay to YouTube video, provide a browser-based plugin supporting almost all Guitar Hero and Rock Band guitars, give gamers the opportunity to produce new tracks in minutes with one click, and support artists by allowing gamers to sponsor the bands they like most. iRok2 is available in beta.