Japan Tepco Workers Put iRobot PackBots to Work

A few weeks ago we reported about iRobot sending volunteers along with with Packbots and Warrior robots to help Japan with their current nuclear situation. While the mission was primarily about training select Japanese workers on how to use the robots, we are happy to report that they are currently being used by TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Co.) workers. A representative from iRobot gave us a brief update on the robots current status.

“Right now the PackBot is being used to measure radiation, oxygen and temperature inside the reactor. It is outfitted with a HazMat sensing kit. So far high levels of radiation have been detected. TEPCO is operating the robots but iRobot remains ready to help if any technical assistance is needed.”


From the new images coming out of Japan, you will see a very familiar face in them, a PackBot at work checking out the damage and assessing the radiation levels. From the images alone, the belly of the beast never looked so frightening. We can only hope these robots will aid in bringing back some normality to this horrific situation in Japan.

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