Jay-Z Launches New Lifestyle Website and Chats with BlackBerry

Jay-Z has launched a new website and it’s certainly a feast for the eyes- Life and Times. It takes a bit of time to wrap your head around but once you do, you’ll find the new lifestyle website about the good things in life entertaining, with twinges of jealousy as you read through the random articles about pimped out cars, music and general fabulosity. There is even a technology section – which is pretty slim at the moment, but one of its first articles is an interview with Todd Wood, RIM’s VP of Industrial Design. The article goes in depth about RIM’s design identity and mostly talks about the Torch and how the concept came to be and how RIM is always looking to trends and customer input when designing smartphones, because one size doesn’t always fit all. Too bad they didn’t chat about the PlayBook…which is a bit more current than the Torch…

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