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Jewel Gives AT&T and Cisco’s Telepresence a Whirl with Live Concert

When you think of Telepresence solutions, Jewel doesn’t typically come to mind. But yesterday she did, in 13 different locations around the country and abroad. Jewel performed via a Telepresence setup on behalf of AT&T, Cisco, and Marriott Hotels. Well to begin with, what is Telepresence? Telepresence is basically video conferencing at its best. This all encompassing solution delivers audio, web, and video conferencing typically used in business environments.
This particular setup featured AT&T Telepresence Solution powered by Cisco TelePresence technology. In the future, business trips may be a thing of the past as this new technology looks to reduce the carbon footprint we leave on the earth. Why spend hours in an airport, when you can Telepresence with other countries or states in the same day from one location.

To say the experience was impressive, is an understatement. Jewel interacted with business people, students, and media from Las Vegas to Toronto to Mexico to New York City. The groups where small in size but many got to ask her questions, request songs, and as we watched her… she watched us via a Telepresence that was setup where she was performing in San Jose.

I went into this meeting to observe the technology at hand, but when I left, not only I was a fan of the Telepresence technology but also Jewel. She sang beautifully, spoke eloquently, and was very savvy about the technology around her. She spoke about her time being homeless and how her first item she ever shoplifted was “carrots” and how food was all she ever ‘lifted’. She even brought up Charlie Sheen when she spoke about her song Intuition. “He was even popular back in 2003…Charlie Sheen is the gift that keeps on giving.”

Some of the questions that went around the Telepresence event ranged from how she is inspired to write music and what tips she would give aspiring new artists. Which is apropos considering she will now be staring in a new Bravo reality show called Platinum Hit.

The question I posed to her, was that considering she lives a rather rural lifestyle, how does she embrace technology at home. Her answer? She embraces it a whole lot and being that her husband is a rodeo star and ultimately was behind their rural lifestyle, she found ways to cut new records virtually, by sending quick tracks via email to her producers and she ultimately built a band virtually without ever having to leave her home. She even used the Flip Cam (which gave us and the Cisco business reps a chuckle, considering the recent news) to keep in touch with her colleagues. She also emphasized, that now being pregnant, this technology is even more important in her life as she doesn’t have to travel as much, if she doesn’t want too. Jewel was definitely angling for a Telepresence setup in her country home though.

As for the fun stuff. She belted her heart out and sang hits Foolish Games, Hands, Who Will Save Your Soul, Intuition, and showed us her powerful yodeling range in Chime Bells. In the end, she made Telepresence a Jewel to experience.

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