Got An Idea? Kickstart It With Some Crowd Funding!

Resident Chip Chick staff member Tiffani and her husband Stephen have been hard at work for the past seven months designing and developing an iPhone game. Their team is now reaching out to the internet raise funds to complete the project using the popular crowd funding platform Kickstarter. You can see their Kickstarter campaign here: http://kck.st/fBso2k

For those of you who’ve never heard of Kickstarter before, it’s an exciting platform for finding and funding creative projects from some of the most clever individuals around. Film directors, writers, artists, and yes even indie game designers are using it to raise much needed capital to get their projects off the ground. The way it works is that an artist pitches their idea to the cloud, they set a funding goal and then give tiered rewards to backers. It works on an all-or-nothing system, so the project only gets funded if they make their goal, otherwise no money is collected and everybody goes home.

This is exciting because not only does it help to reduce the financial risk for indie artists, but it also gives fans a way to give back and be a direct part of the action. It is community building, fund raising, and market research all wrapped into one!

Stephen and Tiffani are very excited to try this platform, and it seems like others are too! They were recently featured on Pocketgamer.biz http://www.pocketgamer.biz/r/PG.Biz/Bravado+Waffle+news/news.asp?c=29486, and are working hard to build steam for their campaign. It’s hard work, but they aren’t put out because as they say- “There’s literally nothing to loose! We’ve got a great concept for a very fun and family friendly game, and we are turning to our fans and friends to help us get it made.” They added “The venture capital world is a scary and intimidating place, everybody is out to make money off you and they are sharks. It’s overwhelming to think of turning there, but places like Kickstarter give indie startups like ourselves a great place to try and raise some money in a safe and friendly environment!”

Web 2.0 has brought us a lot of exciting things- Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter… why not turn to the “cloud” for funding as well! Kickstarter just one of many platforms that are starting to pop up, places like Indigogo.com, Openindie.com, 8bitfunding.com are growing in popularity. Turning to the cloud for micro investments to your success is an exciting concept and one that we think will really be taking off in the near future!
If you want, you can help Tiffani and Stephen and other indie artists by pledging to their campaign and helping them spread the word about their project!

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