Kohler Numi is Smart Enough to Be Whoopi Goldberg’s Next Toilet Bowl

I think we might have just found the next toilet bowl for Whoopi Goldberg. If you were impressed by the TOTO Neorest 500 toilet that Whoopi has in her home. Then prepared to be dazzled again. KOHLER has just launched the most advanced toilet to date: NUMI. NUMI is the new “smart toilet” that meets all the standards of design, technology, and functionality.  Numi is just not your average toilet bowl. It syncs with your iPod and has a built in music system, has a built-in bidet, and even warms your feet if you are stuck sitting on the bowl for too long.

Additional Numi features are:
*An interactive LCD touch-screen interface
*Innovative dual-flush technology with .6 and 1.28 gallons per flush
*Intuitive auto-open and -close lid
*Heated seat

The design of the Numi features ceramic and glass construction and a auto-open/close seat when you approach or leave the toilet. There is also ambient lighting through frosted glass panels on each side, which will give your bathroom a more decadent feeling if you are suffering from a bout of constipation.

The remote even looks like something Apple might have designed. You can use the toilet bowl manually or operate it via the fancy remote which can play music from your iPod and dry your tush all at the same time. The remote also comes in 12 different languages, just in case you wanted to spread the love to some family member in another country.

One thing is for sure…this is one remote control you will want to keep very very clean. So what does something like this cost? Well how about close to $6,400 dollars! Yep, it isn’t cheap to relieve yourself in luxury these days. I’m sure some hotel in Las Vegas will get this baby and I’ll be more than happy to sit on it!

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