Want the Lion from CBS’ Good Wife? We found it here

Last night’s episode of the Good Wife has caused quite the stir. Partially because it was a great episode, but perhaps mostly because it featured an animated furry little lion. In the episode, Glenn Childs, connects a phone to a voice-activated lion, resulting in a scene where Cary watches while a toy lion has a conversation with him.
If you think this toy lion is just fiction like the TV show, for once you can be wrong. The lion that guest starred in the episode is actually one of the Idea Dancing Animal Speakers which can be picked up at Gizmine for $89.99. The way this plush works is that you can plug in any iPod, iPhone or other music device into it and it will dance and move its mouth to the music, plus it also has  built-in speaker. The lion can optionally respond to external noises as well so that it can even mimic you as you talk or sing. But besides for a lion, the Idea Dancing Animal Speaker is also available as a penguin, elephant, frog or rabbit.

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